Lindsay Hart Alumni Elected OSB President

Posted on January 15, 2013

Michael Haglund elected 2013 Oregon State Bar President

Michael Haglund, a Lindsay Hart alum, was elected President of the Oregon State Bar for 2013. Mike started as an associate attorney at Lindsay Hart in 1977 after a summer clerkship during law school. He was with the firm 11 years, becoming partner in 1982.

Cliff Collins wrote a fantastic article in this month’s Bar Bulletin highlighting Michael’s professional career, including the time he spent with Lindsay Hart. The article, entitled “Piloting the Bar,” also mentions his personal and professional background in maritime law, focusing on his representation of the Columbia River Bar Pilots and the book he penned in 2011, World’s Most Dangerous: A history of the Columbia River Bar, its pilots and their equipment. 

To read the full article, “Piloting the Bar,” please visit the Oregon State Bar Bulletin.

Congratulations Mike! Your friends and colleagues at Lindsay Hart wish you success in your term as OSB President!