Workplace accident - First aid after occupational injury

Personal Injury

When an accident results in personal injury, an early response can make all the difference for the defense.


Our attorneys defend insurance, construction, commercial, hospitality, and transportation companies in all types of personal injury, including:


  • Wrongful death
  • Defective products
  • Premises liability
  • Industrial accidents
  • Engineering and design failure
  • Machinery accidents and operator negligence
  • Workers Compensation claims


Our personal injury attorneys have experience in cases ranging from the smallest motor vehicle accidents to catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. We are well versed in state and federal laws regarding personal injury in both Oregon and Washington.


Lindsay Hart’s experienced trial lawyers willing to take a case as far as it needs to go to protect our client’s interests. Our attorneys also recognize that business objectives are sometimes better served by not going to trial. We work to help clients embroiled in personal injury disputes reach a resolution as quickly as possible, often through negotiation or mediation.


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