Appellate Law

Lindsay Hart attorneys have represented individuals and businesses in the state and federal appellate courts for over 75 years. Our attorneys have represented clients in a wide range of appeals, from landmark civil rights cases in the Oregon and United States Supreme Courts to administrative appeals from the decisions of governmental agencies and licensing boards.

Building on decades of experience, our appellate attorneys have earned a reputation as skilled and effective advocates who are able to analyze complex legal issues and explain clearly and persuasively why those issues should be decided in favor of our clients. Their efforts have resulted in hundreds of published opinions that have helped shape the law in the Pacific Northwest and nationally. Because of Lindsay Hart’s strong civil litigation and healthcare practice, many of our recent appeals have addressed seminal issues of Oregon and Washington liability law, including:

The availability of “loss of chance” damages in medical negligence and wrongful death cases.

The liability of hospitals and other medical facilities for “negligent credentialing”

The availability of comparative fault defense in patient suicide cases

Scope of employer liability in discrimination/retaliation cases

The liability of employers for injuries arising out of after-work events

Franchisor liability for the negligence of franchisees and their employees

Statute of ultimate repose in automobile products liability cases

Our appellate attorneys also work with trial counsel in drafting dispositive motions and in preserving legal issues that may arise on appeal. By working as a team, our clients receive high quality, seamless representation that ensures the best possible outcome at trial and on appeal.

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